Mountain environment with attractive views of tops of Krkonoše Mountains. You and your collegues will be enchanted by the colorful landscapes and magical moments spent together.

The most unforgettable and exciting experiences are roaring engines and splashing mud during your ride on quads around Fortress Stachelberg which is one of the most preserved pre-war part of Czechoslovakian defense border line. Except adrenalin ride on quads and exploration of Fortress Stachelberg with guide we can add addtional interesting activities.

Your sense of direction will be tested in this environment via maps, gps or compass. After a instructions from guide you will also descend the entrance of shaft into the underground fortress. In there you will find a quest in mysterious corridors using UV light. Another part of program are additional tasks along the route which will challenge your strength, agility and smartness. 

Don´t wait until history will come after you. Come and visit it by yourselves! Quads are impatiently screams in our garrages, the ropes are hung into a dark abyss and what about us? We are looking forward to show you what we can do the best. Offer you only the best experiences and activities everywhere and for everyone!


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