On the track of Polar Expedition

…...follow the trail of long ago forgotten expedition, which was travelling around Krkonoše many years ago and got prepared here for Polar expeditions. It is no secret that life in our highest mountains was very hard and exhausting so local people were skilled with many abilities to survive even in the roughest conditions. And that is when one popular explorer joined them..


  • Travel around beautiful winter landscapes using a historical diary
  • Pure winter activities and obstacles will provide you with many clues for further progress
  • You will learn how to orientate yourself according to the star map and mountain cabins
  • Experience snowshoes, avalanche searching and mushing
  • Test yours skills of decrypthing old messages and letters 
  • Sledge ride and many more...

The program and route are depending on the amount of people, their physical abilities and on the goal of this package. We recommend having dinner in a warmed up cabin as ideal finish


Are you interested in? 

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