Warrior Games

Make the most of your spring energy!!!

Warrior games is summer competition of teams (Groups of 4-6 person per team) which will be tested in physical, logical and construction team challenges.


Which team has the biggest, the strongest or the smartest "warriors" ? All of this will be as tested on our Warrior Games track. 


Team challenges:

  • Overcoming vertical web
  • The Wall / Beam / High log
  • Rope track over the river
  • Heavy tire transport
  • The Giant's ring
  • Additional team challenges - Matches puzzle, team ski, slalom on scooters, spider's net, tangram etc...

TIP: Do you have limited time for entertainment or you can't come to Špindlerův Mlýn? Have no worries! We are able to come to your destination and setup Warrior Games right by your company location. We will adjust route and activities based on your choosen location. 


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