The Game of Thrones - A song of ice and fire

The winter has come. By the time royal families from Westeros continent are fighting each other in order to take the Iron Throne, winter season full of snow and White Walkers is spreading all over the world. Despite natural hatred of royal families to each other they have to join forces to overcome challenges and find the Dragon Glass. This is the only way how you are able to prevent White Walkers from taking power and keep the world as we know it.

This outdoor package was inspired by famous TV show „The Game of Thrones“. It is concepted as a team wandering on prepared route with many quests, traps and challenges with a common objective in the end.

Top activities included in this program:

  • Sledding - depends on locality
  • Helicopter flight - sightseeing flight above the Krkonoše mountains
  • Riding a horse or dog sledge
  • Winter rock climbing - overcoming „The Wall“
  • Outdoor orientation - azimuth or GPS
  • Carving sculptures from ice or mosaic making
  • Snow carts - fatbike, snowbike, snowfox and tri-ski
  • Team quests during your journey - fire making, bow making etc.
  • TIP for your program finish – Night climb on Sněžka hill (or other hill, depends on locality) where the Sunrise is set to find the Dragon Glass.
  • And many more..

Are you interested in? 

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