Education and development

Targeted education and development of human resources is the key to long-term success, growth and stable business activities.

Practical experience confirms that an interactive approach to educating employees radically increases their effectiveness and motivates employees to utilise programme outputs in practice. Our work method consists of a unique system combining the theoretical basis of classic education with practical training realised through outdoor and indoor activities affording.

We place emphasis on:

  • clearly defined targets, determined in cooperation with the client
  • a professional team of lecturers, consultants and outdoor specialists
  • interconnection of the individual parts of the programme into a thematic whole (frequent work with stories and metaphors)
  • creation of a supportive atmosphere of open communication, fun and motivation 

On the basis of a long-term partnership between Yellow Point, spol. s r.o. and consultants from DMC management consulting, s.r.o., a company that specialises in designing special projects in the field of HR management, we have created a special education method called FunnelMind. 


FunnelMind is a new functional method for increasing the effectiveness of educational projects and supporting changes and innovation within the company.

The impulse to create the FunnelMind method was realisation of a whole number of specific projects for clients from the branches of manufacturing, finance (banks, insurance companies), FMCG, retail and pharmacy.


The modern FunnelMind method identifies the causes of problems within the company, on the basis of which a suitable educational programme or programme for changes is subsequently chosen

The effective FunnelMind method maximises organisation and practical implementation of newly acquired knowledge 

The reliable FunnelMind method is based on tested educational tools (coaching, team coaching, interactive and project techniques, model situations, etc.).

How does the FunnelMind method work?

On the basis of defined goals, we will prepare simulated situations, analysis of which determines specific outputs, which can feasibly be transferred into practice, including recommendations for further development. Specific steps in the FunnelMind development method are described as follows:

1. Identification of causes – during this phase the FunnelMind method works across all levels within the company; it has been practically proven that ordinary employees are closer to the solution than the management 

2. Target situation –a target situation is defined on the basis of the identified causes in cooperation with the company’s management – i.e. a goal the company wishes to achieve, where we wish to arrive; all the members of the management must be motivated to achieve the common objective

3. Action – the defined objective must be broken down into specific steps – actions, which must have a realistic basis, and specific outputs (innovation, effectiveness, utilisation in practice); the event includes a plan for development of employees, including coaching of managers

4. Result – a new approach, immediately visible changes in the functioning of employees and motivation


When should you use the FunnelMind method?

  • You are planning to or have already reduced the number of employees
  • You are planning to restructure or restructuring is in progress
  • You need to improve your business results
  • Communication is poor
  • You wish to develop talent
  • Teambuilding
  • You are preparing to implement a lean production system or implementation is already in progress

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