Mission Impossible

Create an investigative team and find the secret safe, to which you must obtain the password.

You will test your tactical and analytical skills during your search for the safe. Along the way you will encounter tasks requiring effective communication, decisiveness and the ability to deal with problems quickly. If you succeed, you will obtain codes and clues, which will lead you to the mission’s objective: to obtain the information inside the safe.

You have clearly defined roles throughout the event – the mission commander, who manages the whole operation, the deputy commander and the agents. You will be in contact with headquarters (the organisers), to which you will submit regular reports, during the entire event. The rules are quite harsh and you will have to watch the time constantly…..

A very suitable programme for managers and sales agents, including tactical manoeuvres, analytical skills, effective communication, single-mindedness, time management and the ability to handle problems and make decisions quickly.


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