Electric scooters

Špindlerův Mlýn

People 1 - 10
Hours 1 hour - 8 hours
Not suitable for children
Opening hours


+420 731 160 152 I OFFICE@YPOINT.CZ

Discover new possibilities of motion. With electric scooters Hugo Goo you have a range of up to 85 km purely on electricity. If you will push yourself range becomes even higher and you can discover Spindleruv Mlyn and its wide surroundings during all day trips. And you are not going to be some slow snail either, electric engine has almost 1/3 of the power in comparsion to a family car! Discover the mountains in style and comfort with ease, recover energy on your way down.

There is no need for special license to ride electric scooters. You and your family and friends can enjoy electrifying experience. We have a few scooters with a child seat for parents with little kids.

Electric scooters
1. - 3. hour 250 CZK (price per hour)
4. - 6. hours 200 CZK (price per hour)
all day 1500 CZK