Children´s Day

We love children´s days because children do like having fun.

We are organising this package for groups of different sizes. From several children up to amount which would fill up the whole school. Program includes babysitting so as a parent you can have some free time to explore Krkonoše mountains, have a good time with your friends or join the activities with your children. 

The most popular programs among children are story adventures. During these adventures our instructors are having costumes and all stage surroundings are transformed to chosen theme. Children are for example hunting the pirate treasure or competing between each other to win a wizard trophy. They also collect stickers for their game card. 


The most popular stories are:

  • The Pirate treasure - Pirate's traps and obstacles during hunt for the treasure. Overcoming sailor web, race while wearing fins, digging the treasure and other...
  • Meeting the Krakonoš - Special series of themed challenges like Twisting Christmas cakes, Wood splitting, Spice Grandma's, Jay shooting, tracking the wild animal and many more..
  • The Wizard trophy - Who would not want to become a wizard and learn how to prepare magical potions, escape from webs of poisonous spiders, explore mysterious jars or win broom race.  
  • A little Olympic game - a lot of movement during traditional sport games and unique disciplines. Sling shooting, rubber jumping, super balls, stiltz walking or outdoor croquet.
  • There are another great packages - In the wild West, From fairytale to fairytale or Journey around the world.

Special programs with adult topic and child competitions:

  • First aid, seriously or not
  • Firefighters or traffic education
  • In fern and moss - a.k.a. About nature
  • Animal visiting - a speciality in ZOO Dvůr Králové

Depending on your interest and needs we are able to organize schedule for adults and older children, provide catering and prices for competitions. We will gladly recommend suitable location or come to your choosen one.


Are you interested in? 

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