Ski and snowboard school


We will teach you to ski and snowboard using enjoyable and entertaining methods, we will perfect your skills and improve your confidence on-piste. We will show advanced skiers modern skiing trends and offer them classes to refine their skills. 

Opening hours


+420 602 706 942 I

The main ski school office is situated in the children’s ski park complex approx. 200 m from the main car park, along the right-hand side, in the direction of the cash offices. The ski and snowboard equipment hire service is located in the ski complex’s main cash office building.

Ski and snowboarding classes take place privately or in groups. It is up to you which version you prefer.



We recommend private classes for younger children. It is always best for your child to learn the basics of skiing under the supervision of a professional during private classes after which he/she can transfer to the children’s school, where children learn from each other in a group using entertaining methods or can perfect their techniques during special lessons. Classes for beginners always take place in the children’s park.



Improve you skiing techniques during private lessons with our instructors. We will create a schedule together according to the time you have available. Classes are possible every day from 9 am to 9 pm with 1 to 4 people per instructor. Have some fun and motivate each other, meet new people and improve your skills on-piste.