Children´s ski park


At the Herlíkovice ski complex we prepare the children’s ski park daily. This is a zone intended for teaching children how to ski safely. The children’s park zone is completely separate from operation of the public ski runs.

Opening hours

Season closed / thank you for your visit


Children’s ski park guarantees first class ski and snowboard tuition for children thanks to professional instructors who teach using entertaining methods, under a unified concept and methodology. Your kiddies will be taught safely and will also perfect their techniques thanks to accompanying programmes such as competitions and races. They record their successes in their ski diary so that they and you have an indication of their achievements. The Yellow Point children’s ski parks are distinguished by their modern and safe equipment. 


  • ski lifting belt
  • 2x rope tow
  • ski carousel
  • facilities for preschool (children's playground with a heated game room)
  • children's slaloms
  • figurines, cones, educational toys

Entrance to the park is free for a child accompanied by an instructor. If accompanied by other person, entrance fee is CZK 200 / person.




"Only the best for children"

The motto we follow at all the Yellow Point ski and snowboard school branches. Our school is a member of the DZL (Children’s Ski League) project and the APUL (Association of Professional Ski Instructors). APUL is a service and educational organisation, the main purpose of which is to educate instructors of skiing, snowboarding, telemark and other snow sports. The purpose of APUL is to train instructors who are then optimally prepared to work at commercial ski schools. The association also represents the Czech Republic in the international ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) organisation.