Fight through the World of Lord of the Rings and find them all which are the key to objective. The Journey on which you will create your own storyline, your own legend which helps you to overcome evil itself. Using mythic fire you will reforge rings and start a new chapter in Middle Earth.


...They were 12... Twelve rings which controls the World as we know. Twelve rings which has to be find and destroyed. Head on to legendary journey to discover all lost rings which are hidden in the Mountains. The way through Bear Hills, Gorges, Dark forest, Bridge over Khazad Dun, Undergrounds in Moria and even dragon sail over the lake.

You will recieve Wandering map - Špindlerův mlýn and its surroundings overdone to Lord of the Rings theme.


Quests and traps that awaits you:

  • Creation of your own elven bow. With your legendary bow you going to shoot down the ring
  • Climb up the trees to harpy nest for the next ring
  • Identification of right clues and solving the puzzles. Looking after the marks which leads you to find another ring which is embedded in stone
  • Learn to shoot from blowpipe, orientation in forest using buzola techniques
  • Discovery of mythic fire in Midlle Earth Earth Dam's underground. Light up oldschool lamp and transfer it over the lake using Dragon boat
  • Carve out of the ice the Frozen ring
  • To obtain last ring you have to complete trial of strengh, cleverness and agility
  • Light up blacksmith fire using your transfered legendary fire - to destroy all rings

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