Car race

“….and there’s another vehicle on the track. The spectators are going wild, the suspense is incredible. Now to overcome the treacherous ditch and the bend, the body is enduring….this is clearly a first-rate machine. And the last stage is decided – the first vehicle is not letting anyone pass it and we have the winner!”

This programme will lead you into a world where you will recognize the importance of coordination of and cooperation by the whole team, as well as the abilities of each team member – from the mechanics to the pilots of the racing cars. Participants are divided into teams and become members of the race car stable, with the goal of obtaining the required material, constructing the vehicle and winning an exciting race with it.

The car race is an exciting technical programme, full of creative enthusiasm, intensive communication and healthy competition. The outdoor section is followed by a feedback block and additional development and educational activities with respect to the project objectives.


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