Activities in Špindlerův Mlýn



Try things that you wouldn’t normally try, things that will raise your heart rate!

Let the barriers down, surpass yourselves and improve teamwork; practically all the fundamental soft skills can be observed during this programme, because participants usually get so carried away in the game that they throw away their practiced roles and masks. We have prepared a sports programme full of unusual activities and “adrenalin” experiences for you. Participation in all our activities is purely voluntary, the purpose of the gathering is to enjoy a pleasant day together and possibly stretch our limits a little further...


The activities are now ingredients and it depends on the participants, what sort of cocktail they will create….This cocktail can include several activities, such as the zip line, the swing in the rope park, off-road scooters, bungee-running, etc.


Are you interested in an Adrenaline Cocktail?

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